The Michael Olaf Company


The Michael Olaf Company is based from Humboldt County, but is an international web based Montesori store - supplying parents and educators around the world with infant and toddler educational materials for the past 32 years. As the September drawing winner we would like to share some information about them.

Speaking with owner Jim Stephenson today, I asked the following questions.


What services do you provide?

We sell books, toys, furniture, art supplies, child size tools, etc. for infants and toddlers.


How many employees do you have?



How long have you been working with Bold Images?

About 20 years.


What is your favorite or most popular product from Bold Images?

Placemats for children.


What do you like most about Bold Images?

The images on the placemats are actually very difficult to place correctly and Bold Images takes the time to make sure the job is always handled well.


What would you most like people to know about your company?

We are not a local retail store. For 30 years the Michael Olaf Company has been the most respected international source of Montessori toys and educational materials for homes and schools. These special items help to create beautiful environments that foster creativity and a love of learning. For more information go to or

Congratulations to Jim Stephenson and Michael Olaf Montessori Company for being our September drawing winner!