The Northern California Community Blood Bank

Catching up with John Gullam, Director of Donor Resources, via email, I asked some questions in order to highlight our October drawing winner. Here we go!

How long has the Northern Humboldt branch been in existence?

The Northern California Community Blood Bank was established by a group of Eureka physicians in 1950 and incorporated as a 501(c )3 Non-Profit corporation in 1951. The organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors including local physicians and community members.

What services do you provide?

The primary function and mission of NCCBB is to provide a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products to the patients we serve. In practice this means the collection and processing, storage and transportation of whole blood and a wide range of components created from that blood.   Hospital patients almost never receive transfusions of the whole blood donated in our community, more often receiving one of the three main components, Red Blood Cells, Platelets or Plasma but our laboratory produces other, less common components such as Cryoprecipitate and Cryo-Poor Frozen Plasma.  As each of the components exist in the blood in specific proportion, and not the proportion in which they are needed, all components have limited life spans and many components are blood type specific, perhaps our most significant challenge is managing our inventory to assure that we have the components that patients need, when they need them.

NCCBB also provides various laboratory services to our local hospitals including antibody identification and component irradiation. We also perform Therapeutic Plasma Exchange treatments at local hospitals.

How many employees do you have?

We currently have 52 employees, from part time Telephone Recruiters working 8-10 hrs/wk to per-diem RNs to Clinical Laboratory Scientists on call 24/7.

How long have you been working with Bold Images?

I asked around and nobody knows! Bold Images is the place we’ve always gotten things done.

What has been your favorite or most popular product from Bold Images?

I love that I don’t have one! I really like hearing what other people have done or coming up with new ideas and always hearing “of course we can do that”

What do you like most about Bold Images?

That if I see something, or come up with an idea for a branded product Bold Images will not only find it and make it for us but nearly always be able to match ‘internet pricing’. They also recognize that we are a non-profit and always keep an eye out for small quantities or close-out deals from their suppliers that help us keep our costs down.

Finally, what would you like people in the community to know about the Blood Bank? Is there something they may not already know or that you want to remind them of?

The most precious unit of blood is the one that’s on the shelf when a patient needs it.  With transportation, processing and testing the time involved in preparing blood products for transfusion means that we need donations every day, all year long in order to assure that we are able to meet todays need, every day.

Thank you to John and to everyone at the Northern California Community Blood Bank for all they do. And congratulations on being our October winner. Now when we are looking for ways to give "better" during the holidays, let us not forget the gift of life.