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Sentinel Winery, Willow Creek, CA



Rhonda from Bold Images, caught up with Janet Nelson, co-owner of Sentinel Winery to ask about their business. Here is the result of that conversation.


How long has Sentinel Winery been operating?

 In preparation for retirement, Janet and Bruce Nelson decided it would be fun to plant grapes on their Willow Creek property. They did so in 1997. Bruce retired from the California Highway Patrol in 1997 and Janet retired from Humboldt State University in 1999. At first, the plan was to just grow the grapes and sell them to other wineries. They soon decided they would like to make their own wine and they built the winery and got their Federal bond to sell wine in 2005.


How many employees work at Sentinel Winery?

 Two. Bruce and Janet are the only full time employees for most of the year and then they contract out for the grape picking. Family members come and help them with the crush and bottling portions of the wine making.


What types of wine do you make?

 Three red varietals – Pinot Noir, Syrah and Merlot, and our Big Foot Red, which is a blend of all three.


Where can the wine be  purchased?

 The wine is available exclusively through Ray’s Market and Big Foot Restaurant in Willow Creek, and by appointment only at Sentinel Winery. To make an appointment for a tasting, call (530) 629-2338.


How long have you been working with Bold Images?

 Since 2014.


What has been your favorite or most popular product from us?

 The caps and the khaki colored “Big Foot Red” tee shirts have been very popular.


What do you like most about Bold Images?

 The friendliness, the ease of parking, and most of all, the orders are always on time and exactly what was wanted. I have had trouble with other companies saying something would be ready on time for an event and then it wasn’t. That is not the case with Bold Images.


What would you most like people to know about your business?

 Our wines are Estate Bottled – that means that all of the grapes are grown and bottled here at the source. We are a family business and we just started out two retirees looking for something to do.